Speakers and Workshops

Pregnant Then Screwed Live will bring together mothers who are looking for work that works for them, and the people who can help them find it. Our 4 main themes are: flexible working, entrepreneurship, confidence and pregnancy and maternity discrimination. We're working hard to bring you the funniest, most inspiring, amazing speakers we can find - and we're delighted to be able to announce these warrior women, with more to be confirmed soon...


MOther Pukka

Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka is a celebrity blogger, vlogger, journalist and campaigner for flexible working. As the spiritual leader of the campaign for flexible working, Anna has flashed danced her way across the UK making companies sit up and take notice of the business benefits of being flexible. She will be talking about all things Flex Appeal and answering your questions about how to parent the shit out of life.  

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Toby and Roo 

Harriet Shearsmith AKA Toby and Roo, is a mother of 3 and a celebrity parenting blogger who has carved out a very successful career online. With 100k followers on instagram she has one of the UK Top 20 parenting blogs and has won numerous awards for her funny, honest, inspirational writing. Harriet will explain how her job at an international children's merchandise retailer became untenable when she had her kids and how she built her online empire.

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Candice Brathwaite 

Candice Brathwaite is a presenter, writer and co-founder of online campaign #MAKEMOTHERHOODDIVERSE. 29 years old and currently pregnant with her second child, she uses Instagram Stories to speak with 2000 women per day during her virtual chat show ‘TEATIME!’ When not buried deep into her phone she presents online shows and interviews. Look out for her in 2018 as the presenter of new online parenting show ‘The Mothership’, guest appearance on Style Like U ‘What’s Underneath’ and upcoming news regarding her first book. Candice will answer your questions on building an online brand.


Alice and phanella, THE STEP UP CLUB

The Step Up Club is the modern voice in the women’s career conversation. Conscious that we’re all time poor, it's Step Up’s belief that in just 10 minutes a day all of us can boost our confidence, expand our network and reach our individual success. Founded and run by career experts, Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, the Step Up Club isn’t just changing the way we talk about careers, it’s broadcasting its message of self-belief and practical determination through every corner of today’s workplace, both at a grassroots level and in collaborations with well-known brands. They will be talking about negotiating a pay rise and writing a killer CV.

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Katie Mulgrew

Katie Mulgrew is a stand up comedian and writer from Lancashire. She has appeared on ITV2, CBBC and been featured on BBC Radio 2. She won the inaugural Liverpol Hope play writing prize and her award winning play, Ominibus was performed to rave reviews during its run at the Unity theatre in Liverpool. She has performed three stand up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Most recently, Katie script edited the short film 'CTRL Z' which is currently winning all sorts of lovely awards at film festivals around the globe. Katie will be our event host. 


Lauren Currie OBE, #Upfront confidence building workshops

Lauren is an award-winning designer, public speaker and entrepreneur currently 9 months pregnant with her first child. she founded #Upfront, a project which exists to change confidence. #Upfront works with women all over the world to help them find their kindest, fearless and most confident selves. They encourage those who are naturally quiet, shy or introverted . Their aim is for you to leave feeling the most confident you've ever felt, equipped with new tools to use when speaking in front of more than one person. They will cover ways to introduce yourself, how to strengthen your voice, how to stand whilst talking to a group of people, how to combat nerves, low confidence and triggers for vocabulary. 


Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers

Mutha.Hood is Gemma's third baby. It was born out of a desire to help women know their worth, find their inner strength and believe in their abilities. After a rocky start to motherhood both emotionally and physically, the brand represents the light at the end of the tunnel for Gemma. Initially intent on helping other Mothers find their confidence, it's now an online community of empowered women, all of whom are a part of the iconic Strong Girls Club. She will be talking about her experience of setting up and running a small business whilst looking after small people. 

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Helen Bryce, Guilty Mothers Club

Helen delivers development programmes and workshops for mothers, empowering women to play bigger at work and home. Her various projects include: Rock Your Return, Game Changers, the Mothership, Organise Your Entire Life and The Guilty Mothers Clubhouse. She provides resources that support mothers in returning to work after maternity leave and an online course which helps women change career or start their own business. She has 3 children under the age of 6. Helen will be running workshops to help those returning from maternity leave and those a taster to get Game Changers programme. 


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Michelle Gyimah, Working Forwards and Equality Pays

Michelle is the Director of Equality Pays, a gender equality consultancy working with private sectors firms  to help them address their workplace gender challenges. She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of diversity and inclusion and holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester. As one of the Working Forward Project Managers at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, she works closely with existing members to help them reduce discrimination against mothers and create sustainable cultural change. Michelle will be talking about pregnancy and maternity discrimination and the work she has been doing as part of EHRC's Working Forward programme.


Vicki Psarias, Honest Mum  

Vicki is a multi-award winning blogger, vlogger and filmmaker. Vicki set up Honestmum.com during maternity leave in 2010, pivoting from TV Directing to blogging and vlogging full-time within two years. Vicki's debut book Mumboss published by Piaktus/Little Brown is a must-read for those wanting to embrace a democratic, digital world of work that fits around a family. Out May 3rd 2018. She will be giving us all tips on how to use social media to create a career that fits around you. 


Nicola Washington, TM(M)I Social

Nicola, founder of TM(M)I Social, is a social media marketing specialist and blogger. After 12 years in the classroom as a secondary school teacher Nicola retrained with Digital Mums in 2016 and now works with brands such as Don't Buy Her Flowers, Mum & You, Coldpress Juices, McCain and SunPat, in a variety of guises. These include creating an online course to teach small businesses how to optimise their social media presence; cringing while acting as an Instagram "influencer" @toomuchmotheringinformation; developing social media strategy and campaigns; and consulting at an (expensive) digital marketing agency to tell them where they are going wrong! Nicola will be running a workshop entitled: "Don't be a self-absorbed bore" and other tips on how to win at the social media content game


Steph Douglas, Don't Buy Her Flowers

Steph started thoughtful gift company Don't Buy Her Flowers in November 2014, initially focused on gifts for new mums. The idea came after she had her first baby and as she sat on the sofa feeling weepy, overwhelmed and sore, beautiful bouquets kept arriving - while grateful to lovely family, friends and colleagues, it struck Steph as bonkers that the go-to gift when someone doing more caring than they've ever done in their life is another thing to care for. Steph has grown the business using social media, collaborations and PR and minimal budgets and they now have a team and warehouse in Gloucestershire. Steph will be talking about building a business empire whilst trying not to burn yourself out with The Juggle.


Kirsti Nicole Hadley, GRLPWR GANG

Kirsti is a 44 year old mum, founder of GRLPWR GANG and MD of creative agency KIRSTI INTERNATIONAL LTD. GRL PWR GANG is the all female collective with two goals, to empower women to get creative and promote opportunity for women within the arts industries. Kirsti is on a mission to change the working landscape for young women in the creative industries - encouraging girls to help each other in the work place and in their business endeavours, to pass on their knowledge, share contacts and collaborate instead of seeing each other as competition. This happens via real life monthly talks at Shoreditch House, on the @grlpwrgang instagram and at events across the UK. Kirsti will be hosting a panel session and organising a GRLPWR GANG party in the morning to make sure we set the day off properly


Danielle Ayres, employment lawyer at Gorvins solicitors

Danielle is mother to two young boys and an award-winning Senior Employment law solicitor, specialising in pregnancy and maternity discrimination cases at Gorvins Solicitors. Danielle has helped countless women fight their employers in discrimination claims and has set up her own employment law clinics ‘Keeping Mum’ where she offers free advice surgeries. Danielle runs the free legal helpline for Pregnant then Screwed. Her aim is to give women a voice and make them feel like they have somewhere to turn if they experience discrimination at work. She is a National figure in the media and volunteers her time to Charities such as Working Mums as well as appearing on TV, Radio and in Newspapers commenting on this subject. Danielle will be speaking about pregnancy and maternity discrimination, as well as holding one to one clinics for any women who need free advice concerning work issues. 


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Molly Whitehead-Jones, Mamas Collective

Molly is the founder of Mamas Collective, a Manchester-based support group that hosts baby and kid-friendly meetups and workshops for mums and mums-to-be. Previous guests at her ever-popular events have included Clemmie Hooper (Mother of Daughters), Zoe de Pass (Dress Like a Mum), Sarah Turner (The Unmumsy Mum), Carrie Anne Roberts (Mère Soeur) and Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka). Molly is also the Parenting columnist for Body Confidential, and she’s written about motherhood for publications including Absolutely Mama, Fourth Trimester, and ‘The Mother Book’. 


Frankie, Doing it for the Kids

Frankie is a freelance graphic designer, mum of one and founder of Doing It For The Kids — an online (and increasingly offline!) community by and for freelance parents. Through the DIFTK blog, Instagram and closed Facebook group, Frankie gives self-employed parents a safe space to vent, share advice and experiences, and ultimately cheer each other on through the madness that can be freelance life and parenthood combined. Frankie will be talking about the realities of working for yourself as a parent and giving her tips on how to make life a little easier.


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Annika Eade, Digital Mums

Annika previously worked in the recruitment sector as a headhunter but regular 50 hour weeks just weren’t compatible with family life.  So in 2015 she did the Digital Mums training and went on to work with several clients as a social media manager.  She has since gone back to her roots and now works 100 percent flexibly as Head of Admissions at Digital Mums.  Annika oversees the team who support mums through our application process and on to the training.  She is utterly passionate about helping mums find #WorkthatWorks and their perfect work/life balance. 

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Rachel Mostyn, Digital Mums

Rachel is Co-Head of Storytelling at Digital Mums. Digital Mums is creator of the Work That Works® Movement - a pioneering campaign to make flexible working the norm for all by creating a societal shift to the way it is viewed by businesses. Their most recent campaign to #CleanUpTheFWord attracted the attention of government by trying to change the current definition of flexible working. Rachel is totally passionate about helping to transform the lives of mums by empowering women with Work That Works®. Her professional background is in journalism where she previously worked at the Sunday Times and Cosmopolitan magazine before going freelance and specialising in women’s issues.  Rachel now works 100% flexibly and remotely for Digital Mums from her home in Bristol.



Joanna Bennett, Tatterhood

Writer and poet from Bristol, writes whilst her child sleeps.

She began writing poems, under the moniker Tatterhood, in the early morning hours at the start of 2017. One poem became two, two became more and these became a book ‘Swimming Underwater’ written, designed and published at the end of 2017. This early morning writing has paved the way for more, including a book recently written for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

With themes and poems including the changes in identity motherhood can bring, rhymes for raising children in an often misogynistic world, anxiety, joy, hope and a powerful belief in women, Joanna will be reading poems and cannot wait to do so.


Anya Hayes, author of The Supermum Myth

Anya is a Pilates teacher and author specialising in pregnancy and motherhood. She focusses on perinatal physical and mental health, drawing from her own experiences of postnatal depletion and mental health turbulence. Anya is on a mission to empower women with the tools to emerge through the motherhood labyrinth relatively unscathed, with pelvic floor and sanity intact. She's the author of four books: My Pilates Guru; A Little Course in Pilates; Pregnancy: the Naked Truth and The Supermum Myth: Overcome anxiety, ditch guilt and embrace imperfection. Anya blogs at motherswellnesstoolkit. wordpress.com. She's on Instagram @mothers.wellness.toolkit and Twitter @thesupermummyth. She will be on our mental health panel. 


Natasha Bailie, Mental Mutha

Natasha Bailie is a Mental Mutha trying to navigate the balance of her mental health whilst parenting #thekid. Natasha has created an online community of women where 'sharing with no shame' is positively encouraged and all Mental Mutha's are welcome. Many women worry that it will be difficult to cope with parenting if they have mental health issues. It is ‘normal’ to be concerned about the impact this will have on our kids, but the pressure to be ‘normal’ greatly impacts us, the MUTHA and when it comes to matters of the mind it is important to remember the plane safety message “put your oxygen mask on first and then help others”. Mental Mutha shines a light on our mental battle scars and Natasha Bailie offers support and resources through humour and honesty. It is perfectly possible for ‘Mental Mutha's’ to parent, whilst managing their mental health issues and because your mind matters NB wants to talk about it. Out loud. 


Clemmie Telford, Mother of all lists

Clemmie Telford has two small boys and a husband and is currently pregnant with her third. She is the founder of Mother of all Lists, an honest account of her experience of Motherhood. She says: ''Forget ‘putting on a brave face’ or sizing-up other Mum’s at the playground.  Looking after small people is chaotic, frustrating, exhausting and relentless.'' 

For her day job she is Creative Strategist at Facebook and Instagram. Clemmie will be on our mental health panel. 


Robyn Wilder, Journalist 

Robyn Wilder is a freelance journalist and the mother of two small boys. She has written a parenting column at The Pool since 2015, and in 2016 she was shortlisted for a Words by Women award for lifestyle journalism. In 2018, she contributed a letter to all new, tired mothers to Stylist Magazine's first book, Life Lessons from Remarkable Women. Along with her husband, Stuart Heritage, Robyn presents the parenting podcast The Naughty Step. She would like a nap. Instagram and Twitter: orbyn. You can read her column in the pool here. Robyn will be interviewing some of the panels on the main stage. 


Cheney Hamilton, Mummy Jobs

Cheney Hamilton is the Founder and Managing Director of Mummyjobs.co.ukDaddyjobs.co.uk & FlexIsBest.com and is a huge advocate of #FlexibleWorking. As a mum of 2 girls, she launched Mummyjobs.co.uk in her 5th month of maternity leave when she knew she wouldn’t be able to return to her former role as Head of Classified & Recruitment Advertising looking after over 500 media titles and 25+ job boards. She decided that she would show them, as well as every other company in the UK, that FLEX is best when it comes to the future of both Recruitment and the way we all Work.


Sharon Amesu

Sharon Amesu is an award- winning Speaker, Women in Leadership Advocate and Leadership Coach. Sharon is a Criminal Barrister turned speaker and professional coach who takes her 16 years’ experience in the courtroom to challenge leaders to Raise the Bar in their leadership. Sharon specifically coaches on Leadership Communication and helps leaders to increase their Executive Presence, Connect and Engage More Authentically and Communicate with Confidence. Sharon will be hosting the pregnancy and maternity discrimination sessions

Jo Tutchner-sharp

With a long history in the world of fashion and beauty, Jo has directed PR campaigns and arranged events for high profile individuals and brands such as Tom Ford, Matthew Williamson, Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Estee Lauder, Topshop, NARS, Decleor and The BRIT Awards. Jo founded the stylish, new unisex collection of children's clothing and interiors, providing children with an extra sense of security thanks to a very special team of superheroes. Jo will be talking about combining entrepreneurship with motherhood. 

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