Volunteer as an event steward

We are looking for volunteer event stewards for Pregnant Then Screwed Live. Event Stewards will assist with various operational tasks for 4 hours on the day of the event and will obviously be able to attend any of the presentations or workshops when they are not assigned to a shift. The roles we will need covering are as follows:

  1. Registration cover x 3 (8.30am - 1pm)

  2. Registration cover x 2 (1pm - 5.30pm)

  3. Speaker liaison x 2 (9am - 1pm)

  4. Speaker liaison x 2 (1pm - 5.30pm)

  5. Room host x 3 (9am - 1.30pm)

  6. Room host x 3 (1.30pm - 6pm)

  7. One to one clinic host (9am - 1pm)

  8. One to one clinic host (1.30pm - 5.30pm)

  9. Runner x 2 (7.45am - 11am)

  10. Runner x 1 (11am - 4pm)

  11. Runner x 2 (4.30pm - 7pm)

  12. Bag packing the day before the event x 3 

Please drop us a message if you are interested in volunteering and let us know if there is a specific shift you would like to help with. You can contact us on: hello@pregnantthenscrewed.com