Speakers and Workshops

Pregnant Then Screwed Live will bring together mothers who are looking for work that works for them, and the people who can help them find it. Our 4 main themes are: flexible working, entrepreneurship, confidence and pregnancy and maternity discrimination. We're working hard to bring you the funniest, most inspiring, amazing speakers we can find - and we're delighted to be able to announce these warrior women, with more to be confirmed soon...

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Jessica fosterkew, Comedian

Jess is a regular co-host of 'The Guilty Feminist' podcast and hosts her own podcast which is growing super-fast, all about eating, called 'Hoovering.' She recently made and hosted a three hour special for BBC R4 Extra called 'Motherhood: Bump, Birth and Beyond.' She starred in BBC hits, BAFTA winning 'Three Girls' and critically acclaimed sitcom 'Motherland.' "Wears her smarts on her sleeve, great stuff" - The Guardian. Jess will be hosting Pregnant Then Screwed Live.

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Candice Brathwaite, writer and presenter 

Candice Brathwaite is a presenter, writer and co-founder of online campaign #MAKEMOTHERHOODDIVERSE. 29 years old she has two children and she uses Instagram Stories to speak with 2000 women per day during her virtual chat show ‘TEATIME!’ When not buried deep into her phone she presents online shows and interviews. Candice will be having a candid discussion about the relationship challenges her and partner (Papa B) have encountered and how they overcame them. She will be chairing our discussion on mental health and she is curating the Make Motherhood Diverse session 


Cherry Healey, TV Presenter

Cherry is a TV presenter and mum to CoCo and Edward. She currently presents ‘Inside the Factory’ and ‘Sunday Morning Live'. After her own experience of trying to breastfeed her daughter she made a documentary about breastfeeding for BBC Three where she examined cultural expectations and her own feelings towards bottle feeding. Cherry will be discussing breastfeeding, maternal self care and identity.


Susie Verrill, blogger

Susie is one of the funniest humans on the internet. She has two young boys and blogs about motherhood, travel, fashion and adventures. She is a keen supporter of small business and she talks frankly about about many issues, from pregnancy to relationships. Susie will be chairing our relationship panel with Candice Braithwaite, Papa B and a relationship expert. I'm pretty confident you won't want to miss it. 


Lauren Currie OBE, #Upfront

Lauren is an award-winning designer, public speaker and entrepreneur currently 9 months pregnant with her first child. she founded #Upfront, a project which exists to change confidence. #Upfront works with women all over the world to help them find their kindest, fearless and most confident selves. They encourage those who are naturally quiet, shy or introverted . Their aim is for you to leave feeling the most confident you've ever felt, equipped with new tools to use when speaking in front of more than one person. They will cover ways to introduce yourself, how to strengthen your voice, how to stand whilst talking to a group of people, how to combat nerves, low confidence and triggers for vocabulary. 


Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka

Anna Whitehouse is the founder of Mother Pukka. She is a writer, campaigner and presenter on Heart FM. Anna started the campaign #Flexappeal to raise awareness of the benefits flexible working brings to employees and employers. As well as flinging about in lycra, Anna speaks at major events and to company employees about why flexible working is important, using her profile to help change perceptions of flexibility. Earlier this year she was invited to give evidence at the Welsh Assembly and has been seen discussing flexible working policies with MPs and Government advisors at Number 10. Anna will be on our 'Activism Now' panel and will be doing a flex appeal flash mob at the event  

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Hodan Yusuf, Poet

Hodan Yusuf is a poet, writer, multimedia freelance journalist and photographer. She is also a mediator and trainer in conflict resolution.
Hodan has spoken at and read her poetry at many events and venues including ICHR, York University, Muslim Institute, BareLit Festival, in Parliament for International Women's Day 2018, at the British Library for the inaugural MFest, Amnesty International and many spoken word nights. 
She is an essayist in the upcoming anthology by Unbound Publishers called "Cut From the Same Cloth". Hodan is currently working on her debut collection of poetry. 


Kate Quilton, TV Presenter 

Kate is currently shooting the 8th series of Food Unwrapped after recently giving birth to her son. Whilst on maternity leave Kate made a documentary about breastfeeding on Channel 4 Dispatches, called Breastfeeding Uncovered. The Documentary explores why rates of breastfeeding in the UK are the lowest in the world and whether it really matters anyway. She will be discussing the documentary and her experience of new motherhood in an interview with Jessica Fosterkew.


Chloe Hope, Death Doula 

Chloe has had a lifelong interest in death and grief, having been acquainted with both from a young age. After working in the music industry and going on to study Art and Philosophy in California she returned to the UK to begin training as an End of Life Doula and further explore personal and societal attitudes towards death, dying and grief. She has begun practicing and leading Death Meditations (guided contemplations on dying) and has found them to be an invaluable tool in gaining perspective on, and love for, life. 

Chloe will be holding a workshop and discussion group around grief; from smaller, nagging grief to big, messy heartbrokenness. 


Victoria Neave, INPO

Vickie Neave is better known for her social media persona, INPO, which stands for: In No Particular Order. She is a writer, artist, runner, hilariously honest and positive blogger, and owner of small business - #justaline prints. She has 4 children, 3 of whom are teenagers so lots of mothering experience, and has talked openly about her struggle with mental health and confidence. Vickie will be taking part in our confidence panel discussing how she found her self confidence and the tools she uses to keep her mental health on track. 


Oyebode Aboderin, (AKA Papa B)

Bodé is a full time business development manager in the construction industry and part time motivational speaker. He is a father of three to Renaé who is 9, Esmé who is four and RJ who is eleven weeks old. In his downtime (between light DIY and multiple Aldi runs) he is a contractual negotiator and diary manger for his wife Candice. Bode will be openly discussing relationship challenges. He will also be part of our 'Going self employed' panel where he will be talking about what it is like managing Candice as she hits the big time, what he thinks the difference is between male and female entrepreneurs and the specific challenges people of colour encounter when they are self employed. 

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Christine Armstrong, author

Christine Armstrong is a writer, speaker and adviser to business leaders on the future of work. She is a contributing editor of Management Today, has three daughters and is, against her own advice, an active member of the PTA. christinearmstrong.com  

Christine is the author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs: how to have children and a career and stay sane(ish)’, published by Green Tree (an imprint of Bloomsbury) in September 2018. She will be joining the 'Rock Your Return' panel discussing everything mums returning to the workplace should know. 

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Nova Reid, wellbeing mentor 

Often described as inspirational, Nova Reid is a popular speaker, a real advocate for equality and helping people discover their purpose. Nova is a diversity campaigner, wellbeing mentor and founder of multi-award winning wedding blog Nu Bride. 

Nova is frequently invited to mentor at the Women of the World (WOW) Festival, London helping women from all over the world step into their potential. She is a certified NLP Life Coach (accredited by the Professional Guild of NLP) specialising in mental wellbeing and studied as a mindfulness teacher with Stanton Psychology. 

Nova works with humour and great humility and seeks to help people find strength in their vulnerability and is passionate about working with people holistically, to inspire them to be the change they want to see in the world. 

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Helen Bryce, Guilty Mothers Club

Helen delivers development programmes and workshops for mothers, empowering women to play bigger at work and home. Her various projects include: Rock Your Return, Game Changers, the Mothership, Organise Your Entire Life and The Guilty Mothers Clubhouse. She provides resources that support mothers in returning to work after maternity leave and an online course which helps women change career or start their own business. She has 3 children under the age of 6. Helen will be running workshops to help those returning from maternity leave and those a taster to get Game Changers programme. 



Petra Velzeboer, Psychotherapist

Is an executive coach, speaker, psychotherapist and training facilitator with extensive experience helping leaders create mentally health workplaces. Her personal journey being raised in a cult, becoming a mother at 22, experiencing severe post natal depression and alcohol dependency led to a rock bottom where she simply thought her children and everyone would be better off if she didn't exist. She made a choice to experiment with everything she could to make herself happy and began developing resilience, the education she never had, confidence and built a thriving mental health consultancy and coaching practice. With an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development, she brings clinical expertise and personal experience to the topics of mental health, parenting, resilience and building the life you want. She will be joining our mental health panel.


Danielle Ayres, employment lawyer at Gorvins solicitors

Danielle is mother to two young boys and an award-winning Senior Employment law solicitor, specialising in pregnancy and maternity discrimination cases at Gorvins Solicitors. Danielle has helped countless women fight their employers in discrimination claims and has set up her own employment law clinics ‘Keeping Mum’ where she offers free advice surgeries. Danielle runs the free legal helpline for Pregnant then Screwed. Her aim is to give women a voice and make them feel like they have somewhere to turn if they experience discrimination at work. She is a National figure in the media and volunteers her time to Charities such as Working Mums as well as appearing on TV, Radio and in Newspapers commenting on this subject. Danielle will be speaking about pregnancy and maternity discrimination, as well as holding one to one clinics for any women who need free advice concerning work issues. 



Akeela Ahmed, Activist

Akeela Ahmed is an equalities campaigner specialising in youth and gender issues. She has over ten years experience of supporting vulnerable individuals with complex social and mental health difficulties, providing high intensity support services to young and homeless people from diverse backgrounds, including refugees, asylum seekers, ex-offenders and BAME groups

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Annika Eade, Digital Mums

Annika previously worked in the recruitment sector as a headhunter but regular 50 hour weeks just weren’t compatible with family life.  So in 2015 she did the Digital Mums training and went on to work with several clients as a social media manager.  She has since gone back to her roots and now works 100 percent flexibly as Head of Admissions at Digital Mums.  Annika oversees the team who support mums through our application process and on to the training.  She is utterly passionate about helping mums find #WorkthatWorks and their perfect work/life balance. 


Natasha Bailie, Mental Mutha

Natasha Bailie is a Mental Mutha trying to navigate the balance of her mental health whilst parenting #thekid. Natasha has created an online community of women where 'sharing with no shame' is positively encouraged and all Mental Mutha's are welcome. Many women worry that it will be difficult to cope with parenting if they have mental health issues. It is ‘normal’ to be concerned about the impact this will have on our kids, but the pressure to be ‘normal’ greatly impacts us, the MUTHA and when it comes to matters of the mind it is important to remember the plane safety message “put your oxygen mask on first and then help others”. Mental Mutha shines a light on our mental battle scars and Natasha Bailie offers support and resources through humour and honesty. It is perfectly possible for ‘Mental Mutha's’ to parent, whilst managing their mental health issues and because your mind matters NB wants to talk about it. Out loud. 


Robyn Wilder, Journalist 

Robyn Wilder is a freelance journalist and the mother of two small boys. She has written a parenting column at The Pool since 2015, and in 2016 she was shortlisted for a Words by Women award for lifestyle journalism. In 2018, she contributed a letter to all new, tired mothers to Stylist Magazine's first book, Life Lessons from Remarkable Women. Along with her husband, Stuart Heritage, Robyn presents the parenting podcast The Naughty Step. She would like a nap. Instagram and Twitter: orbyn. You can read her column in the pool here. Robyn will be interviewing some of the panels on the main stage. 


Eugenie Teasley, Head of Cities for Uber

For the first 12 years of her career, Eugenie lurked in the worlds of education and charity. In 2011, when her first son Otis was three months old, she founded a youth non-profit called Spark+Mettle and ran it for five years. It won the Observer's New Radical award in 2014, the same year she was one of the UK's 35 Women Under 35. She used maternity leave #2 to wind down the organisation and figure out what to do next, and returned to work by founding a philanthropic foundation for someone else. Eugenie will give a super short insight into the trials, tribulations and opportunities of working full time while trying to be a half decent mother and also an occasionally present wife and daughter too. 


Sarah Gregory, About Times 

Sarah Gregory is the co founder of 'About Times,' an online news platform curated by women for everyone. She was formerly a researcher and analyst for central government departments. In her spare time, Sarah is writing a fictitious story set in the future, about a Black British female revolutionary being interviewed about why she chose that path for her life.  Sarah will join our campaigning panel. 


Nicola Gibb, career coach

Nicola Gibb is a Certified Co-Active life coach who specialises in coaching women who are mothers. Nicola can coach on topics such as career and self-confidence and also puts a lot of focus on helping women discover their values and their purpose, which can often change following motherhood, and using all these superpowers together to inform how to move forward with their lives as mothers and women, in a purposeful, life-changing way. Nicola will be offering complementary 30/45 minute coaching sessions throughout the day. Her website, where you can find out more about her and her coaching is www.beyondthebump.coach


Sally Darby, Mums Like Us

Sally Darby is the founder of Mums Like Us - a network for disabled mothers. She created Mums Like Us because, as a disabled mother herself, she felt isolated and in need of a place to discuss her experiences with people who understood. Sally has MS, is severely visually impaired and has significant mobility issues. Mums Like Us is now an online community discussing the issues that are faced by disabled mothers. There is a friendly and supportive facebook group which is exclusively for disabled mums. She is also trying to open up this conversation with a wider audience on Instagram @mums_like_us and at www.mumslikeus.org


Rebecca Schiller, Birthrights

Rebecca is a founder of Birthrights the human rights in childbirth charity. She is a freelance journalist and writes frequently for The Pool. She is author of several books - including Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan - and an occasional doula. She has two children and lives on a ramshackle smallholding.


Dr Rebecca Moore, Make Birth Better

Dr Moore is a mum and a perinatal psychiatrist working in London in the NHS and privately.
She is passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and the transition to motherhood.
Her special expertise is around Birth Trauma and she is the cofounder of the Make Birth Better Campaign and hosts an annual Birth Trauma Conference in London.
Dr Moore is an integrative practitioner and believes in the owner of good food, exercise, social prescribing and kindness to heal.