Speakers and Workshops

Pregnant Then Screwed Live will bring together 200 mothers who are looking for work that works for them with sessions including: flexible working, returnships, starting your own business, going self employed, childcare solutions, your legal rights, confidence building and writing a badass CV. The festival will feature the funniest, most inspirational women we can find to help mothers navigate the minefield that is motherhood and work.


MOther Pukka

Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka is a celebrity blogger, vlogger, journalist and campaigner for flexible working. As the spiritual leader of the campaign for flexible working, Anna has flashed danced her way across the UK making companies sit up and take notice of the business benefits of flexible working. She will be talking all things Flex appeal and how she built a brand online 

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Toby and Roo 

Harriet Shearsmith AKA Toby and Roo, is a mother of 3 and a celebrity parenting blogger who has carved out a very successful career online. With 100k followers on instagram she has one of the UK Top 20 parenting blogs and has won numerous awards for her funny, honest, inspirational writing. Harriet will explain how her job at an international children's merchandise retailer became untenable when she had her kids and how she built her online empire.

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Candice Brathwaite 

Candice is the founder of Instagram's #Teatime and the campaign #makemotherhooddiverse. She is a full time mother to her daughter Esmee and brands pay her to help them connect to the audiences they cannot reach. 



The Step Up Club is the modern voice in the women’s career conversation. Conscious that we’re all time poor, it's Step Up’s belief that in just 10 Minutes a day all of us can boost our confidence, expand our network and reach our individual success. Founded and run by career experts, Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, the Step Up Club isn’t just changing the way we talk about careers, it’s broadcasting its message of self-belief and practical determination through every corner of today’s workplace, both at a grassroots level and in collaborations with well-known brands.

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Katie Mulgrew

Katie Mulgrew is a stand up comedian and writer from Lancashire. She has appeared on ITV2, CBBC and been featured on BBC Radio 2. She won the inaugural Liverpol Hope play writing prize and her award winning play, Ominibus was performed to rave reviews during its run at the Unity theatre in Liverpool. She has performed three stand up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Most recently, Katie script edited the short film 'CTRL Z' which is currently winning all sorts of lovely awards at film festivals around the globe.


#Upfront Confidence Building Workshop, Lauren Currie OBE

#upfront exists to change confidence. We work with women all over the world to help them find their kindest, fearless and most confident selves. It is more important than ever before for self-identifying women to have the ability to influence, persuade and inspire. All self-identifying women are welcome - extroverts, introverts and everything in between. Of course, we encourage those who are naturally quiet, shy or introverted because we know that you don’t often push yourselves forward into the limelight but it’s time for you to be #upfront. Our aim is for you to leave feeling the most confident you've ever felt, equipped with new tools to use when speaking in front of more than one person.We will cover ways to introduce yourself, how to strengthen your voice, how to stand whilst talking to a group of people, how to combat nerves and low confidence and triggers for vocabulary. This workshop will be designed and led by award-winning designer, public speaker and entrepreneur, Lauren Currie OBE. We can't wait to meet you! www.weareupfront.com


Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers

Mutha.Hood is Gemma's third baby. It was born out of a desire to help women know their worth, find their inner strength and believe in their abilities. After a rocky start to motherhood both emotionally and physically, the brand represents the light at the end of the tunnel for Gemma. Initially intent on helping other Mothers find their confidence, it's now an online community of empowered women, all of whom are a part of the iconic Strong Girls Club.