These are some of the confirmed talks and workshops at Pregnant Then Screwed Live, London


LOve and relationships

Sleepless nights, unfair divisions of house work, sex after giving birth. All relationships struggle at some point, so how do you keep the magic alive once you have procreated?

Candice Brathwaite and Papa B will openly discuss their relationship difficulties and relationship expert, Siobhan Baillie, will talk us through some tips and tricks to keep the romance alive. The discussion will be chaired by Susie Verrill.

Mental Mums

A really frank and open discussion about mental health challenges and the techniques we can use to overcome adversities. With Natalie Baillie from Mental Mutha and specialist mental health consultant Petra Velzeboer. The discussion will be chaired by Candice Brathwaite



FlexAppeal Flashmob

We will be flexing it up buttercup with Mother Pukka outside Conway Hall to show our support for flexible working. Join the flash mob on Red Lion Square with 450 other mums and let’s make some noise

Rock your return

Going back to work after any period of leave is hard. How can you take control of the situation and if things go tits up, what do you do next?

Danielle Ayres is an employment solicitor who specialises in pregnancy and maternity discrimination for Gorvins, Helen Bryce is founder of the Guilty Mothers Club, she runs workshops for mums about rocking their return. Christine Armstrong is author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs.’ The panel will be hosted by journalist, Robyn Wilder



I’m no shrinking violet

Losing your confidence when you have a baby is really normal. Your whole life is turned upside down and most mums find they experience some form of discrimination whilst also dealing with lack of sleep and a body you don’t recognise. These magnificent women will tell you how they got their confidence back on track, whilst helping you do the same: Vickie Neave (AKA INPO), Lauren Currie OBE, Kamilah Francis from RED Butterfly and broadcaster Sophia Cannon

Death meditation

Chloe Hope has had a lifelong interest in death and grief, having been acquainted with both from a young age. She is training as an end of life doula and runs death meditations (guided contemplations on dying) and has found them to be an invaluable tool in gaining perspective on, and love for, life. 

Chloe will be holding a workshop and discussion group around grief; from smaller, nagging grief to big, messy heartbrokenness and introducing you to a death meditation.



Identity and Guilt

The coolest mums on TV discuss breastfeeding, maternal self care and new identities.

Kate Quilton and Cherry Healey have both made documentaries about breastfeeding following their own difficult experience. In the UK we have some of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world but breast or bottle feeding can be one of the most divisive topics discussed by mums on social media. Cherry and Kate discuss their own experience of breastfeeding, why they think we have the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world, how they have made sure they look after their own mental health in the early days of motherhood and what being a mum meant for their identity. They will be interviewed by host: Jessica Fosterkew

The politics of birth.

Make Motherhood diverse

A special talk curated by the founders of Make Motherhood Diverse. When we think of the words we associate with birth, "political" is probably not one of them. But when women are not the only ones to give birth; black women are more than three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes; and women who share their stories are being blamed for a rise in tokophobia (fear of giving birth), while antenatal services are being cut and midwife numbers decimated, it becomes clear that birth is political after all. To explore this idea further, Make Motherhood Diverse have assembled a panel of experts in their fields to unpack how experiences of birth are impacted by factors such as gender identity, race, and class, and explore how healthcare professionals can act to make birth better for everyone.



Sisters are doing it for themselves

Meet the women who are demanding change through online and offline activism. From limbering up in lycra; to journals written, produced and designed by women; to organising the women’s march on London. Anna Whitehouse (AKA Mother Pukka), Sarah Greggory (Founder of About Times) and Akeela Ahmed (named one of Stylist woman of the year and an activist who helped organise the Women’s March on London) will talk about why they decided to take a stand and how they got started.

If you want to start your own campaign, these are some of the best women to take inspiration from.

Hob Nobs - You can never have too many friends

We know how awkward it can be going to an event on your own. Personally I avoid it like the plague which means I end up missing out on so many fun things. I’m also pretty rubbish at making new friends, I’m just not really sure how you do it. How do you strike up a conversation? Will they think you’re a bit weird if you ask them for their number? Pregnant Then Screwed Live will be full of mums who are just like you. Mums who also want to make some new friends but aren’t sure where to start. Hob Nobs will take place before the main event starts, it will be a fringe event for mums keen on making some new friends so you have a girl gang to spend the rest of the day with. More info to come!